Monday, October 8, 2018

You Okay Honey?


This one came straight out of left field.

If you and I hung out back in 1997 or 1998, I probably at one time would have played something for you from "Rent" the Musical.  If you're not familiar with "Rent," it's basically a rock musical based loosely on Puccini's classic 'La Boheme' with the characters dying from AIDS instead of Tuberculosis, AKA a really uplifting story.

Kind of kidding, Rent can be a lot of fun, but it's not my cup of tea any more- I haven't listened to the music in years and sort of felt like I had outgrown it when I saw the mediocre (IMO) film adaptation in 2005.

The Song Stuck in My Head, happens to be sung between two characters who are meeting for the first time, Collins and the drag queen Angel.  I don't remember exactly what's happening in this moment, but I think Collins got beat up and Angel has come to his rescue.  They fall in love, after it's confirmed that they're both dying of AIDS.   If you listen to the song, you'll hear them discuss the disease.

This is not a typical song- more like story-telling through music.  But it was in my head, so here you go.  (Specifically the line "You OK Honey, They take any Money?")

I hope you were uplifted, or confused by the song stuck in my head.  I love you rascals.


Good Old Fashioned Lover Boy


I love Queen.  I just do.  They are great. 

Here's a goodie, from Queen's 1976 Album "A Day at the Races"  Nobody does it quite like Freddie Mercury.  It falls on track 8 of the record.  Have a listen:

Thursday, September 27, 2018

A Tough Act to Follow


More music from "Curtains," the production in which I'm currently involved.  This one is in my head all the time.  It's called "A Tough Act to Follow"  Good times.

Our show opens tomorrow night (Friday)

You are neat.

Here is the song:

Mormon Rap


Should I be proud or embarrassed about this cultural phenomenon that I'm about to share with you? 

Back in 1988, just three years after the Superbowl Champion Chicago Bears nearly single-handedly destroyed rap music forever, a Mormon band from Salt Lake City put themselves on the Utah map with a silly rap about Mormons which led to nearly 100,000 cassette tape sales. 

That means that this artist, (The Walter Hays Band) made at least 6 figures in sales on this "rap"  Just let that sink in.

Also it was stuck in my head. And if you dare, take a listen:

Tuesday, September 4, 2018

In The Same Boat


I warned you a couple of posts ago that I was involved in a production and, as is custom for me, my brain has been bombarded with many of these catchy tunes from Ebb and Kander's musical "Curtains"

This one is kind of fun.  In Curtains there is a show within a show and a song they keep rehearsing called "in the same boat."  In the musical I play the composer who has made 3 different versions of the song, with three different melodies:

(Take some time to listen to all of these- it really is very fun)

Melody #1

Aaaand #2


And then if you stick around to the end of the production, you get to hear all of this happening at once.  Such a great moment.  Music can be so much fun.

I hope you took some time to enjoy something kind of fun and different today.  Have a great week!